Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where have we been...

That's a good question because we have been crazy busy since my last post and things are FINALLY starting to slow down! We had a GREAT holiday with friends and family and enjoyed all the time that we got to spend with them! I think Iv'e said it before but I am REALLY REALLY bad @ taking pictures anytime there is a special event so we have like 2 photos from Christmas and ZERO from New Year's Eve... I'm bad, I know! I do have lots of pictures of our cute little princess though!! Here's an update in her:

~Copies everything we say(the best she can)
~Knows 5-6 signs and uses them on a regular basis
~Talks and talks ans talks!!!
~She climbs on EVERYTHING she can!
~Right now, she eats and eats then doesn't eat then eats and eats and eats!!!
~LOVES reading time
~Loves riding on dad's back
~Loves to give us "fake" laughs
~Loves to build with her building blocks
~Loves rolling and laying all over the dog

Ava has become SO much fun and we love EVERY minute that we get to spend with her! We feel like she is THE SMARTEST kid in the world but I'm sure every parent feels that way! I'm gonna keep thinking she's the smartest : )

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ava is 1

I know this is a little late, but better late than never... right?!? Our little princess turned 1 on September 1st!! WOW! Time has just gone way too fast! Miss Ava is growing and learning everyday!! We love her so much and are so grateful for her wonderful little spirit in our home! On her birthday, we had her party and she was SPOILED!

 Birthday Dinner
 Yummy!! Turkey Rollup
 Playing in the decorations befire the party
 Cute Birthday Outfit
 Present Time
 Lovin' the pillow pet!
 Cake to share with everyone!
 Her VERY own cake!!
 Tearn' it up!

 Post cake smash and ready for bed!!

Ava sure is loved and we are so grateful for all the people in her life that care for her and love her so much! We love our little princess and would not trade her occasional screaming, tantrums, and pinching for anything! We love her guts!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

11 months and FIRST haircut!

I can't believe how fast time has flown!! Our little princess will be 1 YEAR OLD in less than a month! It has definitely been a ROLLER COASTER of a year but has been a wonderful one!!

At 11 months, Ava is:

  • Crawling ALL over the place and QUICKLY!
  • Now has a total of 3 teeth. 2 on bottom, 1 on top.
  • Loves eating solid food
  • Loves to have a nibble of mom and dad's food!
  • Loves all animals but especially DOGS!!!
  • Loves splashing mommy while in the bath!
  • Loves singing
  • Love Love Loves DANCING! She will dance to ANYTHING!!
  • Has had her FIRST haircut!
  • Loves giving hugs and kisses
  • Loves being around other little kids
  • Can climb the stairs like a champ
Here are some pictures of Ava's first haircut!



This sucker helped a TON!! Thanks Meli!

After! How could you not LOVE that cutie!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 months

Our sweet little baby is quickly growing out of her baby stage! I am sad and yet happy at the same time! She is do SO many different things now and she amazes me by how much she really does learn and how quickly she does it!

Ava @ 10 months:

* She can army crawl and man is she FAST!!
* She can push herself up to a seated position from a crawling position
* She loves "grownup" food
* She has 2 teeth with 4 COMING IN!!! (No sleep in this house!)
* She loves to give her baby "kisses"
* She loves little kids
* Says "mama", "dada", and "baby"
* Loves animals, especially dogs
* She would rather feed herself
* Loves bath time  
* Loves reading books
* Loves being outside and going on walks

She has grown up so fast but we are loving every minute of it!! Happy 10 months Miss Ava!! We love you!!