Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where have we been...

That's a good question because we have been crazy busy since my last post and things are FINALLY starting to slow down! We had a GREAT holiday with friends and family and enjoyed all the time that we got to spend with them! I think Iv'e said it before but I am REALLY REALLY bad @ taking pictures anytime there is a special event so we have like 2 photos from Christmas and ZERO from New Year's Eve... I'm bad, I know! I do have lots of pictures of our cute little princess though!! Here's an update in her:

~Copies everything we say(the best she can)
~Knows 5-6 signs and uses them on a regular basis
~Talks and talks ans talks!!!
~She climbs on EVERYTHING she can!
~Right now, she eats and eats then doesn't eat then eats and eats and eats!!!
~LOVES reading time
~Loves riding on dad's back
~Loves to give us "fake" laughs
~Loves to build with her building blocks
~Loves rolling and laying all over the dog

Ava has become SO much fun and we love EVERY minute that we get to spend with her! We feel like she is THE SMARTEST kid in the world but I'm sure every parent feels that way! I'm gonna keep thinking she's the smartest : )