Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Festivities

It's been a week or so since my last post and since then we have celebrated Christmas! I have a GREAT camera but I forget to take pictures when we have special occasions... dang it!! But anyway, we had such a wonderful holiday even though we were GO GO GO!! We love spending time with both of our families and sharing the joy and spirit of the holiday spirit. We opened presents on Christmas Eve with my Dad, who comes up from Utah, then we head over to the Corrington's for some dollar store BINGO!! On Christmas morning, we open presents together @ our house then we go eat breakfast @ my Mom's house(and we got stuck in the snow on our way up there). We then head to the Corrington's to open presents and then we usually come home and nap then go hang with the Akina's around 5pm for some good Hawaiian food!!!! Even though our holiday was hectic, we loved every minute of it!! I am so greatful for the birth of our Savior and for teachings. I am greatful not olny for this time of year but for every time of year. I am gretful for the opportunity that my Father in Heavan gives me to live my life, love, and make my own choices. I am very blessed ot have a great family, who loves me and supports me thorugh everything. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a GREAT husband!

So, since we thought we would be moving before Christmas or like the day after, we decided to not put the tree up this year :( Well... plans changed a little and we probably will not be moving until January and so I kept saying "We need to put a tree up because it doesn't feel like Christmas". Greg took the day off today and surprised me today when I got home from work! He had the tree 95% up and helped him with the rest! He is the GREATEST!! It meant so much to me that he was willing to put it up with only 9 days left til Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Two down...

One to go!! I took my 2nd final this morning @7:30am! BTW, those are the worst!! Too early! But I got through it! It was pretty easy because we got to use a sheet of notes, front and back, and my friend Chelsea went into the professors office last week and typed up all of the test questions that were to be on the test, which was totally allowed!! Thanks to her, I had a great sheet of notes!! I have one final on Wednesday that I am able to use my book on so I'm not too worried! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House NEWS!

We got news on the home on Saratoga that we thought was lost FOREVER!! We received a counter offer from the bank last Friday and they would like us to purchase this AWESOME house if we are still interested!! HECK YES WE ARE!! We now just have to sell our home, which we are a little weary about! We have to jump through a couple of hoops and then we will be able to get the home! At first, it felt GREAT to know that it could be ours but now I feel as though we will not sell our home and be stuck making 2 mortgages~ which I am deathly afraid of!!!!


This semester is by far my easiest! I have 3 of them. 1 online due by Wednesday, 1 Monday that I need 50 points on to get an A (YIPEE!!), and one on Wednesday that I am not worried about because we get to use our book on the test! SHEESH! This semester has flown by! As I get closer to applying to my program, I am more motivated in my classes because I just want to be done with school and working in the field! I also know that Greg wants to get moving on school or starting his own business! His need to succeed also motivates me to get into the program. Speaking of which, I will be applying next month for and praying my little heart out that I will get in! AAAWWW! It's very stressful and I feel that I have worked my butt OFF to get to where I am and I would LOVE to see all of that actually turned into something!

Friday, December 5, 2008

December already?!?

Where did November go? Man, how time flies!~ But we enjoy every minute of it!
Here's an update on what's been going on in our lives... We didn't end up getting the house on Saratoga due to some dishonesty on the sellers part. We found another house on Golden Gate that we were kinda sorta interested in. So after listing pros and cons, we decided to put an offer in on the home. The women selling was asking $124,900 and we offered $120,000. We were expecting a little bit of a compromise... but she wasn't budging. She counter-offered $124,000 and she was keeping her refrigerator. WOW! We were a little taken back by the fact that she was holding her ground on the $124,000. So that was a big fat NOOO! We are looking for a deal and to us that was not a deal considering it only has 362 more square feet that our current home. Neighborhood upgrade.. YES, Home upgrade... Not so much! In the middle of all that, we went to set a closing date with our buyer and the dude BACKS OUT!! Talk about frustrating!!! GGRRRRRR! So our house is back on the market and we are ready to just move out with the next offer that we receive! We are willing to sacrifice our privacy and live with the in-laws, if needed!!! If you know of anyone that is looking for a house, please let me know. We want to SELL FAST!!!