Thursday, February 19, 2009

OK... so it's been a while!

Our life hasn't been super exciting lately but we have done a few things! Here goes our month of February... On Feb. 6,7, and 8, we made a trip to Utah with our friends for our annual ski trip. I should actually say that they went. We opted out this year because of my continued morning sickness. They went to Snowbird on Saturday and we spent that day with my dad and step mom. We went shopping and then to a movie! That night when our friends got back from the mountain, we drove into SLC and went to the gateway for some dinner and shopping again! It was nice to get away and have a fun weekend. It was much needed!

For Valentine's Day, Greg surprised me with roses, the pregnant willow tree figure, and My Girl(the movie). We then went to Geraldine's to grab a cinnamon roll then off to Idaho Falls to shop! We then went to Ruby River Steakhouse(BEST STEAK EVER!!!) We had fun just enjoying Saturday together! We then went to Yes Man with some of Greg's fam and then we called it a night! I sure am one LUCKY GIRL!!!

And here is the FIRST ultra sound pic. Sorry it's so small but the doc got "it" at a GREAT angle! From the 2nd pic, the doc said not to quote her because it's too early to tell but she said that it could be a BOY! Look carefully @ the 2nd pic and you might be able to tell!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First ultra sound!!!

We had our first ultra sound today!! It was so neat because "it" was SSOOO active! It was moving around and kicking it's feet! It was so cool to actually see that there was something in there and to see the little flutter of a heartbeat!! How neat! It was GREAT to share the experience with Greg! He was just as amazed as me at the sight of our little one! The doc told us not to quote her because it's too early to tell but she saw a little something that made her think that it might be a BOY!! Of course, we are going to wait and see for sure what it is on week 17! I will try and post the ultrasound pic. later!