Wednesday, October 14, 2009


YAY!! Finally, we got the internet @ our new house and that means I can blog again! Things have been CRAZZZYY busy around the Corrington household but are finally starting to slow down... just a little! New house and new baby, where to start...

Well, on Monday August 31st @ 1pm we closed on our home and weren't able to move in right away because it needed new paint and carpet to make it livable so we thought well a week from when baby is here will give us plenty of time to get it done.(By we I mean Greg:))So that evening around 9, we decide to go get a Redbox movie @ Albertson's. We're standing there and I feel leakage and look down at my pants to see a wet spot... down there. I thought to myself, "maybe there's just some reserve in my bladder and she pushed on it... oops". So I told Greg and he said well do you wanna go home or go get something to eat? Of course a 39 week pregnant woman would say "FOOD!" So we went to Sonic Drive In and grabbed a bite to eat then we were on our way home. Well, as soon as I stood up out of the car a little more leakage came and I thought that this might be my water breaking but I wasn't sure. Went to the bathroom as soon as we were inside and called L&D and asked if its possible that my water could have broken and they said yes and to come up to the hospital. WE WERE HAVING THE BABY!!! My instincts were proven right when I went to change into different pants and a gush of fluid came out! That was an emotion filled moment that Greg and I will never forget.
We proceeded to the hospital and had to stay over night even though I was only dilated 2cm. and 75% eff. because of my water breaking and the risk of infection that comes with that. The nurse gave me cytotec and then asked me to walk around to try and start labor. Around midnight we settled in our room and tried to sleep ;)
That next morning, my doctor came in and started me on pitocin, which made me really sick and not to mention, my contractions were already 1-2 minutes apart but I only dilated to 4cm and would not go any further. So I ordered the epidural so they could up the pitocin but Ava did not like the pitocin and I continued to not dilate any further than 4cm so my doctor decided that it would be best for mom and baby to take Ava via C-Section. I was terrified. My first surgery and first baby!! We went into surgery @ 11:20am and Ava arrived @ 11:43am! She is definitely worth every pain that I felt and every tear that I shed. She is amazing and I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me so much that he would send us our little girl so that we could love her and teach her how he would have us. Her tiny little spirit has brought so much love into our home. We love her so much!!!

Just outta the bath!

6 Weeks

Sleepin' on Daddy

She has been so much fun and she changes DAILY!! We are loving our little girl!!